24 h translation service

Urgent 24h translation of short text

Do you require an urgent one-off translation of a product description or a short e-mail? We are more than happy to help you. We can translate your plain text professionally from German into English, English into German, German into Maltese and English into Maltese within 24 hours (1 work day) for a fixed charge of €25. Your translation will be sent back to you as a Microsoft Word document in a ZIP file within 24 hours. Be it a short e-mail or a product description for your website/catalogue, your text will be translated and corrected professionally by us. We specialise in technical texts involving machinery, food & beverage, tools, household goods, toys, cosmetics, furniture and bathroom fittings, construction, vehicle maintenance products and so on...

At Maltatranslations, we treat all your private data as highly confidential and it goes without saying that the information you provide us will never leave the walls of our office. We are not an agency and do not distribute your important information to other entities or external agencies – our sole job is to translate and correct texts – and are very proud of providing our excellent service for over 10 years.

To avail of this specific service, your text must meet the following criteria:

  • The text must be plain, and may consist of a short title (Max 15 words) and a main body not longer than 150 words. For longer texts, please send us an equiry via e-mail.
  • You agree to a fixed charge of €25, which has to be paid via Paypal in advance.
  • The text must be either English, German or Maltese to be translated into one of those languages.
  • No financial, legal or arms/war-related content, no CVs and no official certificates.
  • The text does not breach any rights of ownership or copyrights. You are and remain the owner of the provided text and its translation.
  • The personal data you are supplying is correct and you have the right to supply it to us.
  • We are free to choose the words that seem most suitable for the text to be translated (no specific terms, term bases, translation memories to follow). Any text corrections will be done at an additional charge.
  • You agree that we might delay delivery if we are too busy. In such case, we will inform you immediately before starting the work and you can cancel the job.
  • You agree that we might refuse to translate the text for various reasons. We will only accept your job if we are sure we can provide you an excellent translation of the supplied text. In such case, we will send you an e-mail immediately (during CET working hours).
  • You agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page. Please read them carefully. THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT!

If you meet all these conditions, fill in the following form and send us your job.

We will treat your information with utmost urgency and confidentiality, and will delete any translated files, emails and personal data within 1 week.

Our Simple Terms and Conditions

This is a pre-paid service. The 24 hour period starts right after we receive your payment! The payment must take place via Paypal and you agree to their terms and conditions. We will send you a Paypal invoice, which will be your invoice and has to be paid immediately. No further invoices will be provided. We are VAT exempt, so no VAT is charged. Your payment confirms the job.

We are providing this service on a good-will basis and take absolutely no responsibility for any of the content or translations provided. All texts are translated as best we can within the allotted time.

This service is offered during office hours. At our office we follow CET time and the German holiday system! If we are on holiday, we will not be able to provide you this service.

Our office hours are listed at the bottom of this page.

We reserve the right to delay the delivery by a maximum of 2 hours following the promised 24-hour delivery period, after which we will refund the pre-paid charge of €20. We shall not assume any liability for consequential damage or fees/charges arising from delays or cancellation.


Do you have any questions or have multiple texts that need translation? Please contact us through our Contact Us page or send us an e-mail.